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7 ways to get more followers and reach on Twitter

1. Time your posts!

Being mindful of the timing of your tweets is important because Twitter is time-sensitive. Despite the new algorithm implemented by Twitter, it only affects the initial part of the user's feed, and it's not mandatory. Therefore, the timing of your tweets still plays a significant role in ensuring your content gets viewed. Although it may seem like everyone is always connected online, certain times of the day are more active than others.

Best time of the day to tweet

Picture Credits: QuickSprout

Consider television commercials.

Even if primetime advertisements are the most expensive, not all products should use them. Toy companies favour after-school times when their target market is there.

Similarly, when your target audience is actively participating, you'll have the biggest

impact on Twitter.

2. Tweet more often

Twitter typically demands a more aggressive content strategy than sites like Facebook or Instagram.

The top 25% of top-performing Twitter accounts publish about 12 times each week, based on RivalIQ analysis. That amounts to around twice daily.

Brands may always err on the side of posting more frequently rather than being cautious given how quickly the platform changes. The secret is to vary the kinds of information you post in addition to self-promotion.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options for keeping your content schedule full.

Follower tweets from you. industry-relevant articles. Popular statistics. new information. Updates on your life.

And even then, it's merely the beginning. If you diversify your content approach, frequent publishing will help you move up the Twitter algorithm.

3. Start using CTAs (Call-to-Actions)

You want your audience to be engaged. A brand-new audience can be reached with every retweet.

But, consumers rarely interact with stuff merely because they feel like it. Let them know what you require of them.

According to a study by Brent Cardnuff tweets with no CTA in them got only a 11.4% retweet percentage while tweets with a CTA (“Please ReTweet” and “Please RT”) collected a 72.5% of retweets.

Picture Credits: searchenginejournal


4. Use Twitter Hashtags

Are you using hashtags to give your business or a client's Twitter account the most exposure possible?

Your material will be lost in a sea of Tweets if you don't use hashtags. Yet, if you overuse hashtags, your message will become ineffective.

A hashtag consists of two components: the hash symbol - # - also known as the pound symbol in the US, and a keyword or phrase that directly follows it.

Using hashtags is a convenient method of grouping and categorizing tweets, as they enable individuals to follow subjects that pique their interest. Rather than having to scroll through their Twitter feed, people searching for a particular topic can immediately discover relevant tweets.

The most obvious place to look for trending and relevant hashtags is Twitter itself. You can also use tools such as RiteTag, Hashtagify and Trendsmap to find the right hashtags to use.

5. Use Twitter Communities to find and engage audience in your industry

This is a great way to get more followers on Twitter using hashtags

There are endless communities on Twitter that organize via hashtags.

For example, in the football community hashtags such as #FIFA #ChampionsLeague #PremierLeague would be a good place to begin posting and engaging if you are managing a football account.

6. Use Images

Compared to tweets without images, tweets with images get 150% more retweets. Utilizing photos on Twitter is a fantastic method to increase engagement with your followers, develop your brand identity, and establish a memorable profile.

Tweets with visual content are three times more likely to be read by recipients according to Twitter. Today's viewers are hungry for visual stimulation. Your Tweets can include video, pictures, and GIFs. While consumers are skimming through their feeds, visual material grabs their attention and encourages deeper involvement.

Picture Credits: rethinkmedia

Here you can see 2 similar tweets, one with an image and one without, clearly the one with the image performs better with an engagement rate of 3.9% compared to 0.8%.

7. Engage your audience with the help of Twitter polls

Polls may be a fun and interesting approach for users who are active on Twitter to get input from followers and get insightful information about the topic at hand.

Picture Credits: Zoho

Twitter polls are simple to use and assist in protecting audience information. These surveys are easier to use than other techniques, such as asking for feedback through surveys, reviews, or testimonials, where more labour is involved and response rates are frequently low.

Also, because each participant's vote is kept private, participants are free to be completely honest, which usually yields more trustworthy input.

Want to know more about making the most of Twitter? Get in touch to find out how we can help!

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